in 5, 4, 3, 2…

October 12, 2010


they are all the same.

they have that blank look on their faces when you play a song they didnt produce.

like they cant hear the hotness.

and they all say the same.

that you need a “banger” .

and of course they are the only one that can create that with you.

so you write.

you write a great song.

then four, then six.

and then what.

they have the same end tale.

the nothing.

the growing collection on itunes.

cause i guess there was no final idea.

just the journey of it all.

maybe in that time i was supposed to fall in love,

and not still wonder what happens after i write to it all.

but one day i will combust.

and there will be no song.

only the dust from my tracks to linger on.


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