get your kleenex ready for this one

November 5, 2010

i went to the matinée today to see for colored girls.

just me and a turkey sandwich.

i absolutely loved it and was surprisingly moved to tears.

luckily i had the tissue from the sandwich i snuck in.

my only fear as i watched the film was wondering if we as a society are carrying this “downlow brother” thing too far.

everywhere i turn its, downlow brother this, and sneaking around that.

why does it always have to be that someone is being deceived.

why are all the images of black men now becoming all about homosexuality.

and sneaking and lying.

and the numbers are growing.

everywhere you turn, there is another one that is spose to be a downlow sneaky heartbreaker.

is that the reality the of it all?

are there no decent men in the world for a heterosexual woman?

is the only solution to shut in and love yourself and never trust another soul?

somebody tell me now, so i can get all the cats and cat food and be done with the shopping.

cause i hate going back and forth to the store.


3 Responses to “get your kleenex ready for this one”

  1. Kendra said

    Love your crazy ass! LOL! JR and I are going tonight. 😉

  2. key said

    i cant wait to hear what you guys have to say!!! : )

  3. Maddy McMan said

    I saw the movie. It was good but very intense. I was locked in the same position for the whole movie and had muscle spasms afterward. Thandie Newton’s crazy Beloved accent needed some work. British people should only the do the standard “American” accent that they master so well.

    I do agree about the negative view of black men in the movie. It extended beyond the homosexual/DL thing. Tyler Perry’s ideal type of man was featured prominently. You know his type…prison muscled out, and halfway “nekkid.” Those are his staples. Anyways the most of the black men in the movies were sneak, mentally disturbed, violent, had a general disdain toward black women or were reduced to the “fetish.”
    As someone that walks the line of being perceived as most of those everyday, it was a little played out.

    I apologize for hopping on a soap box on your blog. For some reason, his movies bring it out of me. Also… doesn’t the woman in the picture look like India Arie?

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