nights past

December 27, 2010


there was a year not that long ago i watched over two hundred films.

netflick at the time was my best friend.

it was very comforting consuming myself with film.

escaping into someone else’s reality.

the worst, of course, would be at the end of  a good film.

oh i loathed those moments of it all coming to a resolution.

and then my quest on imdb and wikipedia began again for the next film that i was to melt into.

for some time i watched mostly foreign films.

during my classic japanese film stage i fell in love with onibaba.

great film about integrity and survival.

i really didnt want this one to end.

it had a good feeling to it.

the lighting, the periods of silence.

the anxiety bubbling beneath the surface.

it was nice to watch people having trouble being patient.


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