its about that time

February 24, 2011

how do i feel about the billboard in soho?

they gone have to fork up some money soon, thats what i feel.

the insults have long gone too far.

white america needs to show me the money.

if they are so adamant about being the official agent representing the black thought and agenda,

then they need to show me the money.

there needs to be monetary compensation for this type of abuse.

if donald trump can fork over half a million dollars for rihanna or whoever to sing,

then white america needs to show me the money for all the abuse.

this is their country.

they enslaved us to build it for them.

they’ve ran it ever since.

and we have been their little mascot.

great, im happy for you white america.

now show me the money.

enough is enough.

i dont want to hear, we apologize.

i want to hear, show me the money.

they have too much money to waste apparently.

if they are so sorry about what they have done to our culture and history.

pay me.

i shouldnt have to pay for medical, cause your whole family wouldnt be alive if it wasnt for my ancestors breast milk.

i shouldnt have to pay for school, cause your ancestors forbade mine to read for generations.

i should be given money to open a business, cause your ancestors burned and hung all of the owners from my family line.

america needs to accept their position as mentally abusive tyrants.

and if they are so sorry about it.

then pay me for my pain and suffering.


3 Responses to “its about that time”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    That 40acres and mule(maybach) should have been given out once reach 18 or 21. I agree that we shouldn’t have to even pay for medical care, school, etc. For the most part we are still treated like second class citizen and most accept. We are being fazed out of the media and our own creative avenues by them. I’m surprised nobody has called the grammys out for that overt racism. anyways… you said, Pay Me for My Pain and Suffering.

  2. sue said

    sad thing is I think most black folk are just so accustomed to this shit that while it rolls off their backs they don’t even feel the deep scars it burns thru their damn thick skin!
    It amazes me that people will sit in meetigns and agree on these ideas and NOT ONE PERSON in the room thinks hey this is offensive and racist as hell. That tells me a whole lot about the ppl making the decisions.

    • key said

      and the more ignorant ppl are the less they will even consider that something may be askew with our entire society.

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