raising those coins

March 2, 2011



now i know everyone is excited for my lil jazz album.

but i need those coins!

seriously, i have 77 days to go and only my lovely charles has donated.

really yall?

dont yall wanna see me do it up?

good, so give me them coins!

i know its hard times.


but i think a lil donation from each person could go a long way!

its not easy to ask for help.

but im asking.

please help me get this album made.

my kickstarter page


4 Responses to “raising those coins”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    I will donate once i cash this check. I know its hard to ask for help. I have that same issue. We’re all trying to make things happen.

  2. sue said

    i wish i could send you some money 😦

  3. sue said

    btw i love that comment “my charles” YES

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