beyonce needs to stop

May 30, 2011


now i love b.

but as we know she has been accused of copying people’s stuff.

now we all get inspired.

we all grab from here and there from time to time.

but this is getting out of control.

as of late her camp admitted to copying an italian artist’s concept for her billboard awards performance.

that beat for run the world was already a popular tune not created by her producers.

and now i see a photo from the album that looks similar to a photo i took over a year ago.

it appears as though the creative process for beyonce is to see what someone else is doing.



7 Responses to “beyonce needs to stop”

  1. tameka said

    lol really key… beyonce is copying u. i cant

  2. matthewmilam1 said

    If Beyonce is copying you…


    Never mind.

    What’s new?

  3. sue said

    damn this bouncy ouncey bitch…LMAO

  4. Maddy McMan said

    Its so true that keeps copies other peoples were performances as well as taking credit for creatin music that its obvious she did not write/produce. Her sister is the one with the creative musical talent. A shame that she has to live in her sister long overblown shadow.

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