slavery by another name

February 17, 2012

I watched a wonderful documentary produced and directed by Sam Pollard called, “ Slavery by Another Name“.

It was poignant and illuminating.

However, even though there are countless resources like this with information about our history as black  people, I fear that most don’t fully appreciate the content.

They get the part about evil white people.

But what about the part about us being evil to ourselves.

Holding ourselves back.

To think that there was a time when a black man or woman could be convicted as a felon simply for stealing a pig or a piece of wood is absurd.

Despite that,  countless generations of black men and women have created lives for themsleves where they actually do end up being fools and felons.

No matter how much research is produced, we don’t seem to absorb the past enough to change our futures.

We embrace the false statistics created for us long ago.

We find every reason to stand on a corner and steal or beg or get high.

We find every reason to break up a family.

We find every reason to not be educated, to not want to succeed.

Why is that?

Why is it that information like this doesnt hit a nerve somewhere in our bones and ignite something?

How many more generations have to behave in ways that most black slaves repulsed ?

I say this not to discount the millions of black people who are moved and motivated.

I say this because there shouldn’t be one fool amongst us.

Not one weak link.

We should all be strong and proud.

Isn’t that what our ancestors died for?

Cried for?

So that we all could be free.

Not some, not most.



One Response to “slavery by another name”

  1. tameka said

    Alright….That was deep Keya

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