before blue, there was black

June 10, 2012

He is revered as the incarnation of the one who preserves the universe, namely Vishnu .

Krishna, like Jesus, began speaking shortly after birth and performed many miracles as a child.

He is also known as Shyam which means the one who is dark complexioned.

The blue complexion depicted in Indian religious reliefs is actually representing “blackness”.

Some have argued that the root of ancient Indian philosophy  actually stems from philosophies carried by ancient Africans who migrated to what is now called India.

The Hindu faith is explained in volumes of ancient literature that basically interpret physics.

Most famously, we all know the law of karma or cause and effect.

However, hindu scholars have written books diving even deeper.

Some theories suggest that Hindu Gods really represent the Periodic Table of Elements which keeps us all alive.

That Newton knew about the colors of the Sun from the Hindu God Surya.

That the forms of electro-magnetic energy were understood as forms of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of Light.

The list goes on and on, but the point is, this is our stuff.

Who knows what life would be like if our lineage was not broken.

There are pieces of our ancient culture scattered throughout time.

We have only begun to understand the grandeur of who and what we really are.


2 Responses to “before blue, there was black”

  1. charles said

    Thanks for sharing.. I too think about what if the lineage wasnt broken. We would know love so well. Well atleast we can experience some through this thoughtful share as well as our own re-discoveries.

  2. key said

    this is very true. ☥

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