hidden in plain sight

July 23, 2012

the beauty of this piece is that whether you understand the symbolism or not, we all can appreciate the creative effort.

putting creativity aside and examining the film seriously, the most poignant aspect of the film is its reception.

vast interpretations have swarmed the internet. none of which i feel are direct, including the creator’s.

i believe there is symbolism in his film that even he doesn’t understand.

consciousness is that clever. it’s constantly making itself available to you unbeknownst to you.

it’s your job to awaken yourself so that you may see with new eyes.

why do the gods and earths call themselves five percenters?

they say it’s because only five percent of the world’s population is conscious.

that may be.  however,  i don’t think five percent of the worlds population is going to cut it if we are to become a “collective conscious society” shifting the world’s reality with our minds.

even though the five percent nation has many flaws in its establishment,  in theory i think there is some relevance to the proclamation of their percentages.

there may in fact be less than one percent of the earth’s population actually living their lives by standards our ancestors established some 7,000 years ago.

gathering information and walking around with feathers in your head doesn’t make you conscious.

the road towards enlightenment is so spiritually vigorous that kemetic priests who endured fourty years of spiritual education were still not considered enlightened.

my understanding is that true enlightenment can only be achieved once you die.

then, depending on how you have lived and the energy you posses, your soul may reconnect to the true source.

the secrets of life can not be revealed while you are alive.

life is a cleansing process for the soul.

it doesn’t matter how many crystals you use to meditate or how many documentaries you have memorized.

should you conduct your life with no integrity, honor, or sense of self, all of your exterior feats are useless.

many believe the day will come when black people take their place again as kings and queens of the earth, and so do i.

i just dont see us making a jump from where we are today to a place that parallels what our ancestors accomplished between 5000 – 400 b.c.

our fall from that didn’t occur in one millennium.

and i presume it will take millennia to begin its re-establishment.

our place today as the descendants of the great ones is to do ground level work.

we are here to sweep away false history and feed children proper knowledge.

our eyes will not see the great empires to come, yet we will be remembered.

let us be remembered as the ones that didn’t mind the disciple in being responsible for ourselves and the families we create.

the ones that placed truth and righteousness back into play.

the ones that let go of egos and regained knowledge of self.

the ones that couldn’t be broken by popular rule and material gain.

lets stop playing this popularity contest of who knows more and lets start being about more.

seeking knowledge is wonderful, i recommend it for all.

but let us not lose sight of ourselves in the process, becoming mesmerized by trends.


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