ladyplum is an alias.

so is key.

my name is shakeya.

but please call me key.

i like it, unless you just can’t resist shakeya.

i grew up in bed-stuy, brooklyn.

i was raised on the same block as my mom and dad.

they were childhood friends.

i’m an artist.

i like lilac.

i try not to be too sarcastic.


24 Responses to “who is ladyplum?”

  1. Tunisia B. said

    I like.
    Your bio in a few short sentences.
    It’s like a poem.
    And u don’t try very hard to not be sarcastic.-(I know, double negative)

    I like your work, Key. And I’m already used to calling you Key.

    These few sentences make the reader want to know you. It’s like the preface of the book, which you should work on. I would purchase it. And I, too am a writer.

  2. Peca said

    Key i am so proud of you. I always new that you would do something. Now all you need is for someone to listen to your music and then they will really enjoy saying the name Key. I love you!!!!!!!!! And i will always be behind you 100% Auntie would be so proud if her Pumpkin.

  3. sue said

    key did your dad pass away?

  4. Shakeya

    What a discovery! I found the word, “Ladyplum” (i.e. “key” word); sounds familiar doesn’t it. Curious about that name, I found you!

    How sophisticated you’ve become, I am so impressed. Erykah Badu could be your sister if she were as beautiful and talented as you.

    So sweet Ladyplum here is a song I found you will love it I am sure. Its about your favorite thing… lilac. Its called “Lilac Wine” Elkie Brooks sings it with absolute passion, commitment and the same sultriness you sing “I’ll be there” Enjoy it!

    Kindest Regards
    Argie, the math teacher

  5. Consuelo said

    I enjoy reading your spontanous ideas on everything. Please continue to write and sing. Blessings.

  6. katrina said

    I like you bio and your blog. You are a wonderful writer have you ever thought about maybe doing Dear Abby’s?

  7. key said


    that is a BRILLIANT idea.

    thanks so much.

  8. Sunshine said

    My gosh i love your blogs they are so amazing i love your self intro 🙂

    Please keep doing what you are doing and getting your ideas out there!

    Love and blessing with ya 🙂

  9. key said

    thanks so much sunshine !

    i shall !

    : )

  10. Sunshine said

    im just saying it makes me happy for someone to like express such ideas ive been a recent reader and i have to say i have yet to been so interested in another persons ideas and expresions or be able to acctually undersatnd 🙂 *great minds think alike a suppose 😛 * but yea haha

  11. key said


    im just a bowl of blush now.

    how sweet of you.

    well, i must say, it feels good to share it all.

    im so happy that you enjoy the blog.

    thanks again.

    : )

  12. DAMAMA said


  13. key said


    well thank you honey.

    i wonder sometimes if its all being conveyed.

    apparently it is.

    thanks for the sweet comment.

  14. Auntie said

    I LOVE YOU KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. key said


    love you too!

  16. Jonathan Jeter said

    hello key its jonathan from holy rosary. i see your work and its very good. im proud to see you doing so well.

  17. key said


    thanks so much.

    im glad you enjoy the blog.

    my, time has flown.

    : )

  18. blaksoulfire said

    Hi Key — this is Blaksoulfire from Harlem. I had been searching for info about for a while. I am a big fan of the “Thoughts From Key” release. I play it often. I hope that you will be releasing more music in the future.

    Best of luck

  19. key said


    well, im happy you found me. and im glad that you enjoyed “thoughts from key”!

    i have a few new songs that i uploaded on my youtube page.

    hope you enjoy them as well.

    thanks again for the well wishes.

  20. NeneKat said

    Finding this blog was a real wonder….thank you Key

  21. Shaunta said

    Love your voice.

  22. I love the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great content.

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